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At TNC (Trail Nutrition Coach), we prioritize getting you race-ready through individualized nutrition training.
Focusing on race and gut nutrition, ensuring you have the race day you want.

What We're All About:

1. Race Day Nutrition Challenges and Plan
2. Gut Training
3. Sports Supplement Knowledge and Guidance
No athlete wants a DNF, especially after putting in all the training, investing in gear, and paying the race entry fee. Many DNFs result from athletes experiencing nutrition or gut issues on race day. While some nutrition challenges may be beyond your control, there are numerous ways to proactively address race day nutrition and gut challenges, ensuring you achieve the race-day results you desire.

Nutrition Coaching Packages

We offer a 9-Week & an 18-Week Nutrition Coaching Program:Goal & Challenge Assessment:
Obtain an understanding of your personal goals, race challenges, and training nutrition needs.
Customized Nutrition Planning: Receive an individualized plan for training, racing, and recovery, adapting to your unique requirements while covering the below:

  • Weekly Consultations & Check-Ins: Stay on track with regular interactions and program adjustments.

  • Race Day Nutrition Plan: Get a personalized nutrition and hydration schedule for optimal performance at every race stage.

  • Race Nutrition Training: Enhance your race-day performance with tailored nutrition strategies.

  • Individualized Nutrition Assessment: Analyze your dietary habits, preferences, and any food sensitivities or allergies.

  • Pre & Post Race Strategy: Optimize your nutrition for the days leading up to the race and for effective recovery afterward.

  • Nutrition Emergency Plan: Be prepared for race-day challenges like fatigue or gastrointestinal issues.

  • Gut Training: Improve stomach comfort and reduce GI distress during races with specialized training.

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